What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a chemical solution of technical grade urea (also called carbamide) in water, which is manufactured to ISO quality standards 22241-1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as DIN70070 and CEFIC standards.

Why is AdBlue® necessary?

Stricter emission standards in Australia have been implemented in recent years, including EURO 4 and 5. To meet these standards, diesel engines have been redesigned to utilise selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems that require the addition of AdBlue® to minimise exhaust emissions.

Where can I buy AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is available to be pumped direct from our Alexandra depot. 

We are also able to deliver Caltex AdBlue® in 1000-litre (IBC) or 210-litre drums, and 10-litre top-up packs, with bulk delivery to customer storage facilities if required.

You can find other Caltex service stations that offer AdBlue® here.

Diesel Types

Why does Diesel Freeze in winter climates?

Diesel contains wax molecules that are a natural component of the crude oil it is produced from.  It is an important part of the good ignition quality of diesel fuels. In our winter conditions, diesel may get cold enough for the wax to solidify, blocking the fuel lines, filters in engines making them impossible to operate. 

What is ALPINE Diesel

This premium fuel is recommended for use in alpine areas including around Mansfield where diesel is prone to freezing. This Diesel has a cloud point of at least 4C below regular diesel standards.  Our Alpine diesel will be stocked at our Mansfield Container Tank & can be delivered to your property, Discuss Alpine diesel when placing your next order.

What is HIGHLAND Diesel?

Recommend for use in higher areas, or areas that have lower overnight temperatures. Highland Diesel has a cloud point of at least 2 degrees below regular diesel standards. Our Highland Diesel will be stocked at our Alexandra Service Station, Mansfield Container Tank & can be ordered for delivery to your property. 

Credit Accounts

How do I apply for a credit account?

To discuss your account needs contact Janene at 03 5772 1205

Credit account applications can be downloaded at : http://www.simpsonsfuel.com.au/accounts/

All accounts are subject to approval and a credit checking. 

What are the available card options?

Simpsons Starcards care available for those approved credit accounts that need to access fuel at Caltex sites Australia wide.

Simpsons Local Cards (White Cards) are available for those approved credit accounts looking to access fuel at Simpsons sites across our network of local fuel sites.

How can I pay my Account?

We have a variety of account payment methods to suit your needs:

  • BPay
  • Bank Transfer - please find our account details on your invoice or statement
  • Direct Debit
  • Credit & Debit Card payments can be made by phone or in person at 25 Aitken St, Alexandra

Please be sure to use your Account Code or Reference Number from your statement / invoice for your payment reference.

Fuel Cards

How can I report a lost, stolen or damaged card?

You must immediately report lost, stolen or damaged Caltex or Simpsons Fuel cards by emailing admin@simpsonsfuel.com.au or call 03 57721205

I've forgotten my PIN - or need to change it. What do I do?

Contact us on 03 57721205 to arrange your pin to be deleted.  You will enter a new pin the next time you use your card.

My address has changed. How can I change it on my StarCard account?

To change your address details please email admin@simpsonsfuel.com.au or call 03 57721205

Where can I use my Simpsons Starcard?

Simpsons Starcards can be used throught the Caltex Starcard Network

Find your closest Caltex HERE

Where can I use my Simpsons Local Card (White Card)?

A Simpsons Local Card can be used at the following locations:

  • Simpsons 24 Hr Service Station @ 25 Aitken St, Alexandra, VIC, 3714
  • Simpsons 24 hr Diesel Fuel Stop @ 261 Dead Horse Road, Mansfield, VIC, 3722

Fuel Safety

Can I fill a Jerry Can or Portable Container at your Service Station?

Yes, however we insist you follow Worksafe's guidelines on container filling for your safety and that of our staff. 


How do I find the SDS, PDS, MSDS, Safety Data Sheet for a fuel product?

SDS sheets can be searched by product name or barcode on the Caltex website:



Where can I find out more about Gas Bottle Safety?

Elgas have a range of safety instructions for the gas services we supply at:



Fuel Pricing

Where does Australia's fuel come from?

As of mid-2015, about 40% of Australia's petrol, diesel and jet fuel is refined in Australia. The remainder is imported via secure supply routes from overseas refineries, including those located in South Korea, Japan, Singapore and India.

Flow of petrol through sectors

How does fuel get to you?

Fuel is purchased from a refinery - either in Australia or overseas - and transported by ship or pipeline to a terminal. A typical ship carries about 60-100 million litres of fuel. This is enough to refuel one to two million cars. Fuel suppliers (such as Caltex) pay for this fuel to be shipped to a terminal in Australia and insured throughout the journey. Caltex then sells the fuel to service stations on the basis of a wholesale or "terminal gate price". Large commercial customers, like us, transport our own fuel directly from the terminal by truck to our depot in Alexandra. From there fuel is distributed via smaller trucks direct to you, or pumped into tanks ready for customers to access via the pumps motorists use when they drive in to fill-up.

Why does fuel cost as much as it does?

According to the ACCC's 2014 analysis, about 88% of the annual average retail price of petrol in 2013−14 was directly attributable to the price of international refined petrol and government taxes (in 2014, based on the 150.6cpl average price, 81.5 cpl was the international petrol price and 51.8 cpl was government taxes). The remaining 12% (or 17.3 cpl in 2014) covers everything else in the supply chain, including a small profit for the retailer. The ACCC's 2014 analysis found the real unit net profit on petrol products in the retail sector was 2.22 cents per litre.

Nominal components of Australian retail


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